Kivy for Arch Linux

Even though the guys behind Kivy provide several guides for a lot of Linux distros, getting it running on Manjaro with Python 3.4 wasn’t as easy at first. I tried quite a bit but the following worked best for me in the end:


Download the archive from the Arch User Repository at

Thanks to haagch!


Extract the tarball


Review the PKGBUILD and build. Cloning and compiling Kivy with its dependencies will take some time.


Once finished you can find a new package in your working directory which pacman is able to use. Its name matches the pattern as decribed at


Now you should be able to use Kivy in Python 3. You can easily verify this by using the following. If all went well, the terminal will show the familiar Kivy logging.


Feel free to fork my cookiecutter template for Kivy apps at


Your feedback is highly appreciated!